Diesel Sweeties

Diesel Sweeties

pixel skull scarves

Hey! I’m doing $ 10 pixel skull scarves this weekend to kick off the season. They’re… 69” long.

(These bad boys are normally $ 20!)

Diesel Sweeties webcomic by rstevens

Uh oh! American Apparel is going through bankruptcy and some of the styles are not currently available to my printer. So that means I’m closing out pixel skull ringer shirts for the time being. They may come back, they may not. But I can’t get anymore right now.

Just an FYI to grab one now if you ever meant to or need to replace one!

And while I’m here, I’ve got a few Geometry Chalet shirts left from the limited run last month.




Diesel Sweeties webcomic by rstevens

sleep is dumb

Video games! A fun diversion from reality! Ha! Ha!

Just a quick store note: I’ll be out of town for a couple days this week- shipping until noon Monday, then back first thing Friday! I need to go turn old somewhere safe. CONVENIENT STORE LINK

Diesel Sweeties webcomic by rstevens